Exterior Home House Luxury House House HouFoundation repair remains an unfamiliar subject even among homeowners. This has given rise to incorrect assumptions that can cloud people’s judgment and prevent them from availing of the necessary solutions to their home foundation problems. Listed below are five of the most common misconceptions about foundation repair as well as why these do not hold water.

1. Foundation repair can be entrusted to any general construction company

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all the contractors in your area are genuinely proficient at home foundation repair. While it may be tempting to hire a company that claims they can complete the necessary work in the shortest possible time or at a much lower cost compared to competitors, you run the risk of worsening existing problems or causing new ones. When inadequate repairs have been carried out, what often follows are additional repairs to fix the damage caused by the earlier shoddy workmanship, and additional repairs will mean additional cost on your part.

You can avoid this nightmare by hiring foundation repair companies with the necessary licenses and insurance. The resulting repairs will take longer and will cost more than what you probably would’ve wanted. However, you get peace of mind from knowing that any work done on your property is in compliance with existing standards and therefore sure to last a very long time.

2. It makes sense to wait until you can afford the repairs before finally hiring a contractor

This is a mistake often committed by homeowners when they are given rather high foundation repair cost estimates. Remember that home foundation problems get exponentially worse over time if left unaddressed. This means that even when you are finally able to pay an estimated amount that was quoted to you months or even just weeks before, you are likely to end up shelling out more money just to cover the issues that weren’t there the first time your chosen contractor assessed the damage.

Don’t be afraid to nip the problem in the bud. Spending money to fix small problems now will mean you won’t have to spend much, much more just to fix even bigger problems in the future.

3. All types of foundation repair will last days or even weeks

Thanks to the wonder that is polyurethane foam, many foundation issues such as those having to do with slab lifting and soil stabilization can actually be properly resolved in just a matter of hours. As it gradually expands to its maximum limit, the foam lifts the concrete slab and firmly compacts the surrounding soil, hence resulting in a level and adequately supported foundation.

4. Foundation repair is prohibitively expensive

The truth is not all home foundation repair work will drill a hole in your finances. It is true that major repairs can cost upward of a couple thousand dollars, but most repair work are not as invasive and therefore will cost only a small fraction of what you might expect from more complex procedures. With this in mind, it pays to first find out why problems with your foundation exist instead of being outright intimidated by the yet-to-be-proven possibility that you will need to pay a lot of money.

5. Foundation repair makes it difficult for anyone to sell their home

It is a common misconception that prospective home buyers will be scared off by the idea of foundation work having been done on a house that is up for sale. On the contrary, experienced homeowners know full well that foundation repair no matter how recent is not cause for concern, especially if they see documentary proof that such repair work was done by licensed and reputable professionals. Thus, whether you are selling your house or hoping to buy a new one, you should learn to regard completed foundation repair works first and foremost as indications of property that won’t likely suffer certain forms of foundation damage ever again.

As you search the web for “foundation repair near me”, don’t forget to think of what you’ve learned here. By avoiding these misconceptions, you’ll surely manage to find a contractor that’s more than capable of doing the job—whatever your specific needs may be.

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