Modern house with foundation problem-minA roof is a vital part of any building. It offers shelter and protection from the elements and keeps the rain, snow and other types of precipitation out. When problems develop within your home, it can be very upsetting to know that there might be damage due to some unknown source. Furthermore, if you have had foundation problems in the past, you might be concerned that some of those issues have migrated to other parts of the home and caused damage.


Can Foundation Problems Cause Roof Problems?

Foundation problems can cause roof problems in different ways. The first thing to remember is that the roof of your home or building rests directly on the foundation. When you have issues with your foundation, it can cause movement in various parts of the structure because each part has linked supports. If these supports are compromised, then everything else becomes destabilized.


Improper Foundation Levels

If the foundation of a structure is not level or is built improperly, it can put stress on the walls and structure of the home. This, in turn, can cause leaks and other problems to develop within the roof.


Settling and Shifting Issues

Stressful forces over time can cause a foundation to settle. This is most common in older homes where foundations are built using bricks, cinder blocks, or other masonry materials. When the foundation settles, it can place pressure on the roof system, opening up seams and allowing water penetration into the structure.


Weather Damage

Roofs are exposed to all kinds of environmental conditions throughout the year. Summers are hot, dry and exposed to the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays. Winters are cold, windy and exposed to large amounts of snowfall. If a foundation is not structurally sound or has significant settling issues, then it can cause damage within the roof system over time.


Improper Drainage System

When water is not properly drained away from a home base, it can cause flooding in the basements and living areas. This same issue can occur within the roof system if there are large amounts of moisture or ponding around the structure.


Tree Roots Also Can Cause issues

Large trees around the base of a home can be dangerous, as their roots can grow large enough to cause severe problems with the foundation and for your home roof as well. If the tree is old, the roots may have been growing for a long time, causing issues throughout the structure.


Incorrect Sealing Of The Roof Surface

Flashing, seams and other areas of connection within the roof system must be sealed correctly to prevent water seeping into seams that shouldn’t get wet. If this happens, problems can develop within the roof system that you may not see on the surface.



If you have had foundation problems in the past, then it is recommended that you have a qualified home inspector examine your roof for any signs of damage. Settlement cracks, bulging walls or shifting issues are all important to note because they can be caused by movement within the foundation system and water infiltration points such as poorly sealed flashing or improperly sloped drainage systems.

By hiring a home inspector, you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof is in the best possible condition and not be concerned that previous foundation problems may have caused damage within the roof structure.


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