Contractors doing Foundation with LevelHouse leveling refers to the process of lifting a house when it is sinking. Structural problems can arise when a house starts to sink. It can pull at the roof and walls, as well as put plumbing down to the ground. It can also tear the ceiling apart. It is normal for foundations to settle as years go by. So, if your house has been around for years, you have to consider leveling its floor. Nonetheless, even the foundation of new houses may move. If you need to level the foundation of your home, you have to call professionals right away.

First, you need to contact a structural engineer because the structure of your house might not be what you expected. Do not try to fix the issues on your own if you are not a trained professional. Find out how far the middle of your house has to be fitted. Create a straight line from one side of its foundation to the other using a taut string or laser level. You can attach blocks to the string at opposite sides of your basement so that it would be held off your floor joists. Nail these blocks to the joists. Make sure that they are near the house foundation. Then, you have to measure the distance from this line to the bottom of the joists. Do the same process again at the different locations under your home.

Mark the spot where the lowest part of the center is found. Next, you have to build a port using blocks of wood or concrete. See to it that the post is on a firm and level ground under your home. To increase stability, alternate the position of every layer of block by ninety degrees. You can either rent or buy a hydraulic jack. If the space above your temporary post is big enough to accommodate the jack as well as reach the structural member above, you can begin to jack your house up. You can add more blocks to support the center of your structure at its new elevation as your house moves.

concrete foundation how to level a house

Once the lowest point is raised to the height of the other low points, you have to carefully remove the jack so that your house can rest on your temporary post. Inspect your house to see if there are any issues that have been caused by its movement. For instance, there may be some sheetrock cracks. You have to build another post and do the same process again. Once your floor is stable and level on your posts, you can set up permanent support. You can use any existing support and modify them if necessary.

Inspect the bottom part of your support for issues such as rot. If the bottom of your posts do not sink anymore, they can stay in place. If you cut your center supports, you can place a new beam over these shortened posts so that the center of your house will be supported.


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