Getting the foundation repaired is one thing, but making sure it lasts as long as you want it to is another. Too many home owners ignore what the right approach is and this has an impact on how long their repairs last. The specialists are going to come in and do the repair work, but that does not mean it is okay to leave the situation as is and move on with your life. There are certain steps, which should be taken post repair work to ensure the integrity of the structure remains intact for a long time.

Keep Tabs On Foundation

You should always be looking to check on the foundation for cracks or any type of ‘wear and tear’. If you are ahead of the problem, it is going to reduce your expenses along with ensuring the repairs that were done last longer.

If there are issues appearing again, you will be able to have them corrected well in advance as desired.

This can only be done by those who are keeping tabs on their foundation. In fact, you should be keeping an eye on the entire property as it has a direct connection with the foundation one way or another.

Alleviate All Plumbing Concerns Before They Settle In

If there are plumbing concerns inside the property which start to pop up, it is important to alleviate them as soon as you can. This is to ensure they don’t start to have an impact on the foundation itself.
It is better to deal with a small plumbing problem instead of a larger foundational concern. Plumbing has a direct connection with the foundation especially, if the issue gets worse and leakages occur.
This is when the damage might get out of control and become a rather expensive issue to deal with.

Don’t Plant Trees Close To Property

The recommendation by industry experts is simple. Don’t plant trees close to a house. Try to keep them as far away as possible because the soil is going to be impacted along with the moisture present inside. Trees and their roots are going to suck up water around the property, which is going to reduce the amount of moisture in the soil around the foundation.

Too much moisture is always an issue, but so is too little moisture which can become a problem when planting a tree close to a property. Keep it at least as far away as its ultimate height. This is the golden rule of planting trees around a structure.

Keep Eye On Drainage System

Foundations can start to wear down when the drainage system stops working. Before the foundation is impacted, you need to ensure all collecting water that is near the foundation is being redirected. This is the only way to ensure this does not become a long term problem. When the collected water begins to sit near the property, the damage gets worse and worse. All of the repair work that was done is going to worsen.

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