The foundation of a home is what keeps it standing tall and strong for years to come. Foundation problems are often the result of either shifting soil or ground water that erodes dirt from underneath your foundation, causing cracks in walls or floors. There are many ways this type of damage might happen but no matter what the cause is, there’s help for foundation issues. Foundation repair experts will be able to identify foundation issues and offer the best course of foundation repair action.


Assessing the Home Damage

Foundation consultant does the home assessment to determine foundation issues. They are professionals who inspect the home, look for evidence of foundation problems and conduct tests to see if there is any damage to the home or other issues that need attention. A good consultant will conduct a thorough inspection using advanced techniques which includes infrared thermal imaging, moisture meters, high-tech boreholes or soil boring samples.


Determining the Root Cause

In this step foundation repair experts tries to understand the root cause of foundation problem. Foundation damage could be due to poor soil conditions that need specialist foundation support or may have been caused by a building mistake in the foundation design, such as shallow footings or inadequate bearing capacity of the ground beneath it. Water is often the primary culprit that causes many foundation issues and foundation consultant will search for signs of water infiltration and ground moisture issues. Weather changes like lots of rains can also cause foundation problems. Erosion in corners, drought, and plumbing damage also creates foundation issues.


Conducting Foundation Repair Work

Once the root cause of foundation problem is determined, it’s time to conduct the actual foundation repair work. Again this foundation repair work can vary depending on the type of foundation problem. There are many methods of foundation repair but most common are slabjacking and piering.


In a slabjacking foundation repair process, foundation contractor injects grout underneath the foundation to fill up voids and compact soil. Foundation consultants use high-pressure air or hydraulic equipment to pump in pressurized grout mix under low pressure into foundation cracks, fissures and cavities.


Piering is one other way of foundation repair. The foundation repair experts drive steel or concrete foundation piers into the ground from where foundation is set on. These piers are then connected to a steel plate that bolts onto foundation wall and provide additional support.


Sealants and Masonry Patches can be used sometimes for repairing foundation. Foundation repair experts seal foundation cracks and joints with silicones, polyurethanes or elastomeric compounds that can fill in voids around foundation piers. Contractors also apply masonry patches that add additional support and resist water infiltration into foundation cracks.


Your home is a big investment and foundation repair is an important step in protecting that investment. The repair process on foundations isn’t that complex but foundation maintenance is important to prevent future foundation damage and costs in repairs that might arise from neglecting foundation components that are in poor condition.


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