Foundations can consistently move, that is why Level Pro Foundation Inc., is here to help you. A block and base foundation is a wood-framed house that sits on blocks. The blocks are normally solid masonite blocks that sit directly on the soil services. Normally, houses with a block and base foundation also have exterior beams and one interior beam running from the front and back down towards the center of the home. The spans are usually no greater than 15 feet. The blocks are used to elevate the home and to create a crawl space beneath the floor of the home.

Causes of damage to block and base foundations 

For starters, drought and time can bring problems. Other issues can include heavy rainfall and pounding water from roof ejection that erodes the base. Water flows underneath the home and sits. What happens next is each block under the home acts as a piston, moving up while the soils swell. The blocks then move down when they dry and also sink into muddy soil when specific areas get to weight. In some instances, the weight from the home can press downward making drainage consistently worse.

Another set of issues is termite damage, dry rot, improper foundation supports and more. Since these types of homes sit directly on the soil–when the soil moves, so does the home. Moreover, blocks can break, tilt, rotate and even drop from under the support over time. If the wood is rotted or eaten by termites, it can no longer support the weight of the home. As a result, the wood will compress and the floors will drop.

How to tell if you need block and base foundation repair:

Cracked sheetrock

Baseboards separating from flooring

Floor feels shaky

Spongy floors

Stuck doors

Methods of repair:


Oftentimes, humps in the floor is caused by under-supported beams that have started to warp or bow. We will reduce the span from the bases to correct the problem. Otherwise, we can replace the faulty beams with new and properly supported lumber.


This is a common repair process where we readjust and relevel each base to ensure that it properly supports the wooden beam placed on top of it.

Wood replacement

With inadequate drainage, broken plumbing, termites and rotted wood and subfloor material, comes the need for replacement. With this method, we will remove the damage supports and replace the affected materials.

House leveling

At times, your block and base home may sit atop an inadequate crawl space. If this is the case, we can use airbags to raise your entire home–this creates a crawlspace at a minimum of 16″.

Shaker sill

If we find that the span between beams is too great, we can install a 4″ x 6,” which will give your home additional support and remove the squeaking and bouncy floors.

Whether you need block and base foundation repair, house leveling or  pier and beam support, Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., gets the job done right every time and on time.

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