When it comes to your mobile home, they can get off-level for a wide variety of reasons. It might be caused by a failure to compact the ground before properly setting the home or water getting under the home. For example, hoses drip, drainage slopes the wrong way and water gets under your mobile home. In addition, pipes under your mobile home can and do leak. If you do not immediately fix the root issue that caused your mobile home to get off-level, then you will have to address it sooner rather than later. At Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., you can count on us for all of your mobile home leveling needs.

What is re-leveling?


As the mobile home ages or structures are added to it that impacts the soil beneath it, the result is the home is not as level as it could be. The objective of re-leveling is to bring an equal-weight distribution to ensure that each section of your  home is in compliance with the original weight bearing based upon the manufacturer. Re-leveling is critical for both the safety and security of your mobile home.

Most mobile and manufactured homes are essentially set up the same way. The home is built on a steel frame while the axils and wheels used to transport the home are connected to the bottom of the frame. Once the home is set where it needs to be, the home is leveled out with hydraulic jacks and concrete blocks or steel piers are placed under the steel frame to keep it secure. Since the home is sitting on soil, it will settle. This means that mobile homes need to be re-leveled every 3-5 years to maintain its structural integrity. Frost heave can cause pier settings to sink and tilt, burrowing rodents can also do the same thing. Even the wood shims used initially to level the home can rot or get destroyed by wood-boring insects. Even steel piers can rust and collapse. All of this is especially true if there was a case of improper initial set-up.

Every other aspect of your manufactured home is affected by your home’s level. This includes your floor, walls, doors, windows, cabinets, roof and crawl space skirting. It may even affect the proper draining of your waste water and sewer system. Not to mention, an out-of-level mobile home can cause improper sealing of doors and windows during cold winters or hot summers dramatically driving up your electricity costs. Re-leveling your home is the best prevention against maintenance and energy costs.

When should you re-level?


The good news is Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., is always ready to help you re-level your mobile home investment. Here are some key prompts towards making the decision to re-level your mobile home:

Decks are higher or lower than normal

Exterior doors no longer sealing

Walking feels crooked

Cracks in the drywall at the marriage line

Floor squeaks

Springy feeling in the floors

Cabinets and backsplashes pull away from the walls

Items roll off the countertops

Floor humps

Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., provides you with years of experience and expertise unmatched by any other business in the area. We know how difficult it can be to make a living and maintain a home. This is why we offer the hard work and honesty you deserve, all at a reasonable price. We ensure that our staff arrives on time, does the job right and actually knows what they’re doing while completing your job in a timely manner. If you need slab sewer line repair, we offer that service too.

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