Before World War II, pier and beam construction became popular throughout Texas. This is because concrete companies were unable to deliver large loads of wet concrete to make a slab. At that time, most piers under homes were cedar trunks buried in the ground and resting on small concrete footers around 18 inches below the service. The typical life span of cedar piers is around 40-50 years. By the 40’s and 50’s, builders started shifting to using solid concrete piers and larger timber beams.

Why is pier and beam construction so popular?

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair Houston

For one thing, the home is elevated, which means easy access to plumbing. It also keeps the home somewhat isolated from ground movement. In addition, there is a curb appeal it provides the owner. The one main issue with pier and beam construction is rain water accumulating beneath the house and causing potential damage to the  piers and timber beams. The staff at Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., are experts at figuring out how to solve any of these types of issues while offering solutions that provide stability to pier and beam homes.

Issues that arise


Over time, both the piers and the support beams can deteriorate. This is especially true for ones made out of wood. They can also sink or tilt. If this happens, the usual solution is to either repair or replace the piers and beams in order to make sure the home is supported properly.

Pier and beam services


The typical service is comprised of shimming and re-leveling. First, we remove all deteriorated lumber and replace it with new and tested materials. Next, we control the soil’s moisture content so that your property can be re-leveled. Our piers were designed to support your home for the foreseeable future. We can also cover and close the crawl space with stucco skirting. Furthermore, we can offer drainage repair to keep your crawl space dry and prevent future damage. Other services we offer include crawl space insulation, which helps to provide a thermal barrier for both heat loss and gain. It also offers a moisture and sound barrier. We can also insulate your pipes to keep them from freezing in the winter.

Our free estimates will give you peace of mind at budget-friendly prices. Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., is your go-to service provider for all of your Houston pier and beam foundation repair needs. We keep your home up, so you can get some rest.