You’ve probably figured out that you need to have a foundation repair because you’ve noticed the cracks, the sinking of your floors, or you have an old house and it makes sense to worry about its stability. Given that information, there will be questions in your head that will pop up like how much will it cost you or is it covered by your insurance claims? Another thing to think about is what caused the foundation problem in the first place? Can you fix it on your own? There are tons of questions about it, but we’ll tackle the basic ones here.

How much does foundation repair usually cost? 

On average, you may need to spend $1000 – $6500. Rates will vary depending on the amount of work done. There may be some laboratory tests like cement lab that check the cement quality. Home insurance typically doesn’t cover foundation repairs but it still depends on your insurance claims policy as to what causes they can cover.

Can I DIY my foundation repair?

Foundation repair isn’t like repairing your clogged pipes on your own that any home hobbyist can fix. While there are some scenarios that it is possible, it’s best to determine the type of foundation, the main problem, and the type of repair that needs to be done. If you’re confident that it only needs a minor repair that doesn’t involve risk and heavy tools, it’s okay to do it yourself. However, it’s still recommended to get a foundation repair service company to check the problem accurately and work on it safely.

What does a foundation repair service offer?

Once you’ve decided to hire help for your foundation repair, they’ll examine and check your home for the problems that need to be fixed. They may mention parts of your house that you didn’t think will be included but it’s a must to get your foundation restored completely.

Here are the services that can be included:

  • Housing Leveling – It is a type of foundation repair that lifts the house to its original state. Housing leveling is done to those that had soil erosion or poor construction. The house’s pier and beam are repaired to keep the house upright.
  • Mobile Home Leveling – This repair job involves repairing and adding a block and base foundation to ensure that the mobile home remains leveled. If not, you’ll notice creaking sounds when moving around the house or that the floor is tilted.
  • Slab Sewer Line Repair – If it’s leaking, then it affects the soil, and it ruins your soil and cement, then it ruins your foundation. Checking and repairing the slab sewer underneath or inside your foundation is important. The repair job includes tunneling to get the job done.
  • Soil Removal – When the soil beneath your home expands or erodes, it needs to be treated or patched up.

If you’re unsure what to do or what exactly the problem is with your foundation, it’s best to consult the experts about it. Foundation repair is worth it in the long run. Contact a foundation repair service company, check their service areas, and get a quote.

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