Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc. is the most experienced and trusted foundation repair company in the Greater Houston area. Our company has served the most demanding and pressing foundation and stabilization needs throughout the metro. We have proven our expertise using only the most advanced foundation repair methods. Not to mention, we only use our own expert staff, technologically-advanced equipment and the industry's finest repair products. All of this means we have the confidence to provide you with warranties on all of our foundation products and services that guarantees our work.

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Our methods

The best foundation repair tactics used on your property will depend on several factors including sinkhole activity, soil conditions, drainage patterns, structure weight and damage. Our friendly and well-trained geotechnical engineers will determine the best course of action, which may include the following:

Drilled piers


This means that an engineer might recommend pre-drilling to place steel piers into stable limerock for a lighter structure or when there are soil conditions that combine deep limestone with areas of clay or consolidated soils right above it. You'll be happy to know that our piers are installed directly against your structure's walls. We then drive them down hydraulically to the limestone layer using our drilling equipment. After that, the piers are permanently attached once their load-bearing capacity is tested.



Another method we use is grouting to stabilize the soils under your foundation. This method is used along with underpinning to stabilize soils and seal eroded limestone in order to complete your foundation repair project. Grouting is still necessary to repair any sinkhole situations.

Foundation underpinning


We can solve a wide variety of soil and foundation problems through the use of foundation underpinning. Our precise engineering techniques lift, stabilize and repair structures that have been damaged by shrinking and expanding clay, water drainage erosion or other unstable soil conditions. We'll use piers, piles, pins and anchors to move your foundation's weight from the unstable soils to much more stable bedrock.


While some foundation issues are more critical than others, all foundation problems increase over time. As a result, your home may be vulnerable to a variety of damages that can decrease the comfort, security and value of your home. Correcting your foundation problems as soon as possible not only helps to increase or maintain the value of your home, but it also gives you much-needed peace of mind. Contact Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., if you see any signs of foundation damage or if you are just unsure of the stability of your foundation. We are ready, willing and able to identify any foundation issues and follow up with an expert plan for mitigating the problem. In fact, we even offer mobile home leveling.