If you think that Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., only focuses on foundation repair, think again. We also have a lab that batches, mixes and conducts tests on cement paste, concrete and mortar. This means that while we ensure that your project is fully taken care of by our team of experts, we also take care of everything from the mix design and aggregate testing to field testing on the day of the pour.


Tests we perform:

Thermal effects

Sulfate attack

Chloride penetration

Freeze thaw testing

Alkali-aggregate reaction

It really is true to say that the heart of concrete lies in the cement. This is why several tests need to be initially performed in order to determine the characteristics and its compatibility with other materials. That’s not all though. We also perform compressive strength testing of mortar cubes and the aging process at 3 days, 7 days and 28 days to understand the strength gains in the mortar over those periods of time. This is exactly how we can gauge the quality of the cement we use for foundation repair, block and base foundation repair and more.


Not only do we perform regular and consistent tests, but we also produce regular production required tests, offer technical support for customers and train our technical staff. All of our technical advisors are able and available to give expert assistance on the application and the properties of our cement products. In addition, all of our certified technicians adhere to the latest approved ACI, ASTM and AASHTO testing standards. Also, all of the equipment we use for inspection, testing and monitoring materials meets standards set for calibration and inspection. Moreover, we review our testing standards annually through quality audits.


You can’t trust just any company to mix and design the right cement products for your projects. We also have the experience and the right tools to mix specialty cement. This means that you can give us your input to custom-design a cement product that would work perfectly for you and your home. Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., is one of the most trusted cement experts in the area. Our portfolio of clients is proof that we have proven our services to ready-mix companies, property owners and manufacturers not just in the area, but throughout the world. You can’t go wrong with a company that makes the time and effort to learn the latest in cement lab testing techniques.

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