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Call LevelPro Foundation for the most reliable service and quickest response in the industry. When it comes to foundation repair, the most widely used technique is concrete pressed pilings. This installation technique was designed for using in clay soil, which is common in a number of different regions of the country. The majority of foundation repair jobs are able to be completed in a single day. This type of quick installation gives the plants that are removed for installation of the piers a much better chance of surviving.

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Crack walls? Doors that won't close and boding floors could all be signs  of your foundation problems in your home.

If you looking for foundation repair companies in Houston Texas you can trust, look no further than level pro home services.

Since 1988 we have provided free foundation repair estimates and competitive prices to homeowners in the greater Houston area.

From repairing crack slabs to correcting foundation settlement and so much more.  We can do whatever it takes to ensure your foundation is stable an reliable.

Four questions you need to ask before hiring a foundation repair service:

Are you insured and bonded for foundation repair?

Do you carry Texas workers' compensation insurance?

Do you provide a “Lifetime Transferable Warranty”?

Does your Lifetime Transferable Warranty define foundation “settlement”?

The good news is we can answer “Yes!” to all four questions.

Below are the types of repairs we can offer and more:

Foundation Repair - Installation process for the piers

DSC03198The process for installing this method for our Houston foundation repair center is as follows:

A hole measuring two feet is dug. The hole will usually be about four to five feed under ground level and extend underneath the grade beam of the home that is being lifted.

A concrete cylinder, pre-formed, is placed at the bottom of the hole right underneath the grade beam. Then a 40 ton hydraulic ram is placed between the beams base and top of the cylinder to press it into the ground. Each of the cylinders are connected with a steelrebar and epoxy.

A concrete cap is then placed on the top of each piling. The house is then lifted with 20 ton bottle jacks, to as close to its original position as possible without causing additional damage to the foundation.

The holes are then backfilled.


Foundation Repair - Steel pressed pilings

DSC03189This option of foundation repair is able to be used anywhere that concrete pressed pilings are used. They offer a better solution for locations with soil that is sandier, or there are thinner layers soil between the harder clay lawyers. Just like the pressed concrete pilings, this type of foundation repair is able to be completed in a single day.

Foundation Repair - Installation of the pilings

The installation process is the same as the concrete cylinder installation.

Helical pier installation

As your foundation settles, you may begin to notice cracks in the mortar or brick, or even separations at the doors and windows. The most common solution for these types of issues is to install something referred to as a helical pier underpinning system.

Installation time period

Just like other methods of foundation repair, this process can typically be done in a single day.

Foundation underpinning

There are a number of reasons that your home or building may require foundation underpinning, including: if the original foundation has become unstable or weak; if the condition of the soil beneath the foundation has changed; if the conditions of the soil were not diagnosed properly before construction; or due to landslides, drought or flooding that caused the structure to move.

There are several methods of underpinning. One will extend the depth of your foundation. The goal of this method is to extend the foundation so that it rests on soil that is more supportive or to ensure the load is distributed more evenly. Another underpinning technique utilizes jet grouting and micropiles.

Foundation Repair - Basement wall repair

DSC03197When your basement walls start to fail, then the first indication will likely be a crack in the mortar or blocks. These cracks typically run in a horizontal line about mid-way up the wall. These cracks are very rarely cosmetic and are likely an indication that you are experiencing serious foundation issues.

There are a number of reasons that the basement walls can fail with the most common being that there is excessive lateral pressure from the earth that is outside of the walls. The damage can be accelerated further by plumbing leaks or poor drainage. IN a number of cases, the construction of the wall will not be adequate to withstand this pressure, which is when the cracks begin to form.

There are two basic options to repairing this type of damage, which includes:

Carbon Fiber Reinforcing: This will keep the basement wall from becoming bowed.

Tiebacks: If you have a wall that is leaning quite a bit, then this option will be used. Some of the most common techniques include driven, drilled, grouted and helical tiebacks.

Foundation Repair - Slabjacking 

This is another method used for lifting your concrete slab if it has begun to sink. It works by pumping grout trough the slab, which will effectively push it up from underneath. This technique is often called pressure grouting or mudjacking.

Soil nailing

DSC03199Soil nailing is a type of earth retention technique that uses steel elements that are designed for both temporary and permanent support. Generally, the walls are constructed from the top to the bottom. Also, about three to six feet of soil will be excavated from the top and then holes are drilled. The tension resisting bars are inserted into the holes and then grouted over. This type of technique is often used in basements when the soil has become unstable.

When it comes to your foundation, you cannot ignore issues or problems that arise. Doing so will only lead to more extensive and expensive repairs down the road. It is also essential that you only use a professional and experienced team of contractors to handle this work. If the wrong method is used for stabilizing or repairing your foundation, you may quickly discover that you have to invest more money into the problem down the road.

The most important thing to remember is that foundation issues will not get better on their own. Calling in the professionals to evaluate the problem and then provide the necessary action is essential to ensure the damage does not become worse.




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