If your foundation has begun to sink, then there is a very good chance that the slab was not installed properly or that the fill dirt was not compacted properly. Shrinking soils and sub-surface erosion are also distinct possibilities.

If you have a slabjacker in your area, then you should be able to have the issue fixed, without having to replace the concrete. These professional individuals are able to float a slab to its initial position by replacing the fly ash, cement and sand mixture back under your slab.


To do this, the slabjacker will drill holes strategically into your slab. They will then use a portable pump and flexible hoses to fill the holes with a specialty mixture. This is done until the slab has been successfully lifted to its original position. In most cases, this process is able to be completed in just a few hours. In many cases, the cost to provide this service is less than have of what it would cost to replace the entire slab.

There are a number of numerous benefits offered by slabjacking. These benefits include the following:

It can be completed no matter what the weather is. The material that is injected underneath the slab offers a very strong base.

There will be no disruption to your landscaping.

You do not have to move anything off of the slab since the pump has the ability to lift the slab’s weight, as well as anything you have put on it.

The cause of concrete sinking

When your foundation is being laid, fill dirt is almost always placed beside the house and the garage. This will fill in any voids that were created during the actual construction process of the foundation. It is very rare that a builder will take the time to compact this sand.

The soil that is used will consist of solid particles and the voids between these particles. These spaces can cause a number of issues for concrete slabs and the entire building. When there is a concentrated loads, such as slabs or buildings, they can literally squeeze the water and the air from the soils.

When this occurs, the soil will sink and the slabs and buildings will follow soon.

Prevent the issue

The fact is that this problem can be avoided altogether. Rather than installing a fill dirt, a builder needs to install a granular fill, such as a sand and gravel mix. These types of materials are able to be compacted with a vibratory compactor. This is the type of material that also needs to be used for filling trenches that cross any driveways or sidewalks. With proper compaction, all air voids will be removed. If these are not removed, then it can later settle, causing the concrete to begin to sink and crack.

Benefits of slabjacking


There are a number of advantages offered by slabjacking, which are highlighted here.

The mixture that is used for raising the slab offers a stable base, helping to add strength.

The cost to do this is only a third of what it would cost for complete replacement.

Since the slabs are not removed, there is not any mess and very little inconvenience.

You can use the slab right after the process is complete.

No waste with this type of repair.

No excess noise, debris or dust.

It can be done in virtually any weather conditions.

No landscaping will be disrupted during the process.

When you really consider the benefits of slabjacking, you can see how this method of foundation repair just makes sense. It is affordable, effective and can actually prevent future problems from developing.