If you find your floors off level, sloping or sagging and your doors aren’t sealing properly, we can help you ease this issues with our Houston house leveling services.

House Leveling Houston

Excessive rain, flooding issues and poor construction and foundation work can all cause the ground to move and shift, making your foundation unstable. Soil in Texas can be quite unique since it expands when moist and shrinks when dry. As soil expands, it can produce enough lift to raise a two story house by more than 12 inches. Then, when it dries up and shrinks, the foundation can drop by 12 inches or more. Now, if there’s a tree growing nearby, its root system can drink up to 600 gallons of water a day from the soil, making the shrinking process dramatic. The last thing you want is settling in your concrete foundation.

Inspecting your foundation


Before we even begin our work, we’ll perform a free assessment to figure out the best solution for your home. The good thing is we offer everything from foundation repair to block and base foundation repair. Another issue with foundations is the diminishing quality of the soil. If your home is on poorly maintained or eroding soil, then you will certainly need a house leveling solution. At Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., our Houston home leveling team will evaluate your issues and provide a solution that ensures your house is protected from decreased property values or even save your home from being condemned. Not to mention, if you don’t have a need for the complete lifting of your home, we can offer a supported solution that will still provide optimum safety of your home. Our top-notch materials and know-how gets the job done correctly the first time.


You don’t have to suffer living in a home with slanted floors and uneven windows. How does this happen? Some builders do not install gutters in order to sell homes at a lower price nor do they offer quality foundation construction techniques. In fact, if you do not request that these preventative leveling techniques be implemented, they might not even be installed in the first place. This means your home’s foundation can degrade much earlier than expected. At Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., we take care of any and all house leveling issues that you are experiencing with your property. We are experts in all house leveling techniques in Houston, Texas. Call us today for a convenient and free estimate.