Sticking doors, plumbing leak, slanting chimney?… What’s going on with the soil under my home? Can I wait on repairs? What are the foundation repair methods? What foundation repair process to I need? How long will it take? Do I have to stay somewhere else? Get answers to your questions here:

How long can I wait to make repairs?

You shouldn’t wait too long. Once you notice damage, it’s easier to address it immediately than to wait and deal with irreparable damage.

What happens if I wait? 

Once distress is caused to your foundation due to soil shifting, it can lead to additional damage to doors, windows, brick, molding, sheetrock and more. It may also lead to extensive water damage.

Are plumbing leaks an issue?

Yes because they effect the soil. At first, the soil will swell. After that, the soil erodes and causes a drop in the slab.

How do the repairs usually take?

It really depends on the severity and extent of your problem and damage. It also depends on the method used and number of piers needed. Concrete methods can take just under two weeks. Steel pier foundation repairs take between one-to-three days. Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc. uses only the most efficient techniques and technologically-advanced equipment to ensure you experience as little disturbance as possible.

Do I need to prepare?

We suggest you remove any fragile items from rooms or cabinets before the work gets started. After that, we can handle the moving and storage of items in order to perform our work. We always replace the items as we found it.

Do I have to leave my home while repairs are being made?

Because we can work under the slabs–in almost all cases, you can stay home while the repairs are being completed. This is unless you and/or your insurance company determine otherwise.

What do you mean by underpinning?

We’re glad you asked. When structures have been have been damaged or have settled from sinkhole activity, buried organics, shrink/swell clay, etc…that is when Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc. recommends underpinning. This method supports your property by moving the weight of your structure’s foundation over unstable soils to a more stable material deep below the ground. Most of the time, this is bedrock. It is a pretty common procedure that has left thousands of customers satisfied with our work. Plus, you will no longer have to worry about your soil shifting.

Do you offer a drilled pier solution?

Of course we do! Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc. offers a wide variety of foundation repair solutions to fix your unique needs. When it comes to drilling piers, we are the experts. With this method, we install drilled piers against the wall of your property with our technologically-advanced equipment. The pier is then drilled into solid limestone and tested to ensure its load bearing capacity. We do not install piers that cannot comfortably carry the weight of your home and then some. From there, the pier can be permanently attached to your foundation. For further peace of mind, check out our warranties.

How do I know if drilled piers are right for my foundation?

First, Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., will take an accurate assessment of your unique foundation needs. So, it really depends on your site’s conditions. Light structures such as single story frame house or a very deep limestone with consolidated soils with clay zones may benefit most from the method of drilled piers or pre-drilling.

Tell me more about concrete raising

These are methods used to raise sunken concrete back to its original level. Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc. uses a variety of exacting methods to do so. One way is where grouting is pumped through small holes under the slab. This helps to fill any voids while naturally lifting the slab back into its original position. We use different types and levels of grouting depending on the soil condition. Level Foundation Repair Inc. can offer deep compaction grouting, chemical grout injection and slurry grouting to help stabilize the soils.

What about property value?

If you do not repair your foundation, you home may eventually become condemned. After repairs and warranty, you can sell your home at market value.

Explain pressure grouting

When you have collapsed or eroded limestone, voids or compact loose soils, Level Foundation Repair Inc. will inject low slump grout into the soils at or above the limestone layer. This helps to seal the collapsed limestone and fill any voids. This method is used when our geotechnical engineers have found sinkhole conditions. It ensures protection of the structures above.

Will you damage my yard?

We understand that your landscaping is an investment. We may tarp certain areas for added protection and do everything we can to leave things untouched. There is a chance of root shock or other types of stress, but this is rare.

Do you ever use chemical grout injection?

Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc. will use chemical grout injection to stabilize shallow soils near the surface of your property or pool deck. We often used them method in the loose soil right beneath your home. At times, our engineers will recommend it to stabilize the upper soils around the area immediately after compaction grouting or foundation underpinning.

Will I need to hire another company for restoration services?

Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., is your one-stop shop. You will not have to deal with hiring multiple contractors. We will keep your home and your exterior clean and in tact.

Do you offer a warranty?

Level Pro Foundation Repair does offer warranties on all of your work to help ensure your peace of mind. Our underpinning work and even our cosmetic and restoration work are all covered by our warranties. When it comes to sinkhole-related foundation stabilization, we offer comprehensive coverage that is the best in the industry. What’s more is our warranties apply to the property, not the owner. This means the warranties can be transferred to a new owner.