When your home is in need of foundation repair or pier and beam repair, one way we can provide this service with as little disturbance to your home as possible is through tunneling. This way, we gain access to the interior of your home without having to break a hole in your floor. In general, the tunnels are only as long as is needed to reach beneath your home and usually measure around 3 feet by 3 feet in the cross section.

Why use tunnels?


At Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., we like to use tunnels to reach the parts of your foundation that are under the interior of your home without having to work from the inside of your home. As a result, we prevent the need to break holes into your slab, tear out your carpet, cut through floors or to otherwise wreak havoc in your home. Instead, through tunneling, you can stay in your home, you don’t have to move furniture or move out of your home. We can even lift your home up to 12 inches while you stay inside. Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., is your local professional solution for foundation tunneling in Stafford.

What happens next?


After your home gets lifted, tunnels are connected to a drainage system that is utilized for one reason and one reason only–that is to keep water from accumulating under your home. At times, your tunnels may be connected to a gravity drain or to a sump pump. The other benefit of tunnels is they can be used for any future repairs. With our warranty, you can get a guarantee that they will work for you. If you are worried about tunnels collapsing, worry no longer. Tunnels are dug to install pilings. It is the pilings that hold up your foundation. When these very pilings are installed, your home no longer sits on the soil. So, if the tunnels ever do crumble, the pilings are already holding your home up.

With tunneling, you no longer have to be inconvenienced while repairs are being done. If you have a foundation problem, Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., can make any and all repairs and install pilings from inside the tunnel. This solves your foundation and any sewer problems in one easy stop. We offer tunneling services on properties of all sizes. Get in touch with us today to get your property back on solid ground.

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