You smell a foul odor, look around for the culprit and disappointedly find out that your home is experiencing sewer line damage. Who do you call? Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., of course! Our experts specialize in Stafford-wide plumbing, installation and slab repair in Houston Texas. All of our plumbing specialists are also licensed, bonded and insured for your home’s safety and peace of mind. Our plumbers take part in extensive and ongoing training to ensure that we send only the most well-trained plumbers to your home.

How we work

Slab Repair Houston Texas

We use diagnostic plumbing testing and video camera inspection of sanitary sewer systems to accurately identify any slab sewer line problems. Our hydrostatic pressure test can quickly indicate any leaking sewer pipes beneath the slab.

When did the problem start?


Sewer drain leaking can be an expensive problem if not treated immediately. Calcification, ground movement, root intrusion and line aging can all cause sewer lines to leak, back up or end up in complete failure. These leaking sewer pipes can also cause thousands of dollars in foundation problems. In addition, the mold and bacteria contamination from damaged sewage systems can create significant health risks. There is also the possibility of plants invading residential sewer lines. Plants like the organic material in sewer pipes. Once they get a taste, they can be a huge nuisance.

How can you tell if you need slab line sewer repair?


Backing up of toilets

Unexplained odor

Extremely high water bills

Cracks in the foundation

Water leaking from slab

Benefits of slab sewer line repair

All healthy homes need clean water and the ability to drain out contaminated water. Copper is a common material used for tubing material. While copper does resist initial corrosion, they can leak, burst and corrode over time. Our Houston slab sewer line repair services ensures you never have to endure this torment for much longer. Aging and deteriorated sewer system replacement and relining is our specialty. No leak is too deep for our team. We can hand-dig tunnels to fix PVC pipe leaks, hot water slab leaks and foundation leaks as needed. Even when your new pipes pass all testing, they are protected with our warranties.

The process is completed in a matter of days, meaning you can get back to living your life without any intrusions or worries. Plus, we won’t destroy your plants while working on your property. Call Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., for foundation repair or slab repair in Houston today.