Money should not be an obstacle when it comes to taking care of your home. Before beginning any repair project, you should found out whether or not it is covered by insurance. In some instances, insurance does cover access to the leak and repair to the damage caused. If a leak is found, Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., can provide you with a foundation repair or pier and beam repair estimate to help you get your insurance information in line. We can even give you a detailed foundation footprint drawing with elevation readings and a written estimate.

Does homeowners insurance cover foundation repair?


It is only natural to think that homeowners insurance would cover everything including the kitchen sink. If you read your extensive policy, you may be disappointed to find out that homeowners insurance excludes coverage of damage due to:

Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes

Hurricanes and tornadoes

Water and sewer damage

Floods and landslides

Soil expansion

The best ways to insure your home

First and foremost, you should avoid building on high risk sites. Even if you can get a million dollar view, will it be worth it if your home and belongings are damaged?

Secondly, you should purchase additional insurance or add-ons to your policy. Talk to your insurance provider about what types of specific add-ons you will need to cover any foundation damage.

Thirdly, you want to fortify your home by taking preventative measures. Contact the friendly and helpful staff at Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., today to give you a list of options you can get started on right now.

Fourth, if you have purchased the additional policy and stay in a low-risk neighborhood but have still experienced foundation damage then it is imperative to claim your coverage.

Most insurance companies will sell you additional coverage for risks such as:



Bursting water pipes

It’s not your fault that the builders installed poorly designed plumbing. This can be even worse if the pipes burst under a concrete slab. There may not be specific coverage for foundation damage in general because it is not considered a sudden event. What you can do is review coverage that can be related to foundation damage such as drain and sewer leaks. Homeowner’s insurance should also cover damage if a pipe does leak. The important thing is to always plan for the worst, otherwise you put yourself in a bad position. The good news is Level Pro Foundation Repair Inc., works with a wide variety of insurance providers to ensure you get the repairs your property needs in a timely fashion.

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