foundation repair Level Pro Foundation RepairAt LevelPro Foundation Repair, we are proud to offer a highly trained team who perform foundation repair services for home and business owners through the Houston area. Our solutions for shallow and deep foundation issues are permanent. We provide foundation repair help with issues such as:

  • Issues due to inadequate site preparation
  • Poor soil conditions
  • Improper drainage
  • Weather changes
  • Flooding
  • Plumbing issues

At LevelPro Foundation Repair, we offer several types of foundation repair that is designed to keep your foundations stable. Calling LevelPro Foundation Repair today will ensure that you have your foundation issues evaluated for underlying issues before determining which repair system can offer you the best results.

Reliable, Professional Foundation Repair Services

When you are looking for a fast response to your foundation repair issues, you need LevelPro Foundation Repair. We are well-versed in all foundation repair techniques, with concrete pressed pilings being the most popular way to do it. We can complete most foundation repair jobs in the space of a day, and we are happy to assess your site to see what type of foundation repairs will suit you. Here are some of the foundation repair services we offer:

Steel Pressed Pilings

This option can be used wherever concrete pressed pilings are used. For locations with sandier soil, steel pressed pilings are a good option.

Basement Wall Repair

When you find cracks in the walls of your basement, it’s indicative that the walls are starting to fail. The cracks usually go from bottom to top, halfway up the wall and they are rarely a cosmetic issue. They’re to show you that you are dealing with issues in your foundations, and they need to be repaired quickly.


If your concrete slab has begun to sink, you’re going to know about it. Slabjacking works by pumping grout through the slab to push it up underneath.

Soil Nailing

This technique uses steel elements for support – both temporary and permanent. The walls are constructed from top to bottom, and three to six feet of soil is excavated before the holes are drilled. Tension resisting bars are then inserted before being grouted over. This is a technique used most often in basements.

Contact LevelPro Foundation Repair now

Your foundation issues should not be ignored, as it can put your home in danger if they are not fixed. You’ll also be looking at more extensive and expensive repairs if you don’t get the issues fixed when you notice them. With LevelPro Foundation Repair, you gain the peace of mind that you need for your foundation repair needs.

Foundation issues will never repair themselves, and what you need is to have the right service on your side to get the foundations repaired quickly. Calling in LevelPro Foundation Repair ensures that you get the best foundation repair services in Houston. Call us today and we will assess the issue you are having and provide you with the right feedback so that you get the best possible repair.

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