The consistency, or the lack thereof, of the soil around your house may have something to do with the structural damage of the foundation of your house. The soil and its underpinning of rock is what supports the foundation of your house.

Situations such as underground rivers, expanding or the contraction of the soil, poor drainage and runoff, underground fissures and old mines, and many other natural situations can give way, and pose a real threat to the foundation of a home.

A homeowner may notice cracks in the foundation and think nothing of it, yet as those cracks grow and become more noticeable, then something needs to be done. When inside doors have difficulty shutting properly and windows get stuck in one position, it is time to do investigation and look to see what is happening to the foundation of the home.

The question then becomes one of who should be called in order to rectify the situation? Probably the very first order of business is to call the insurance broker, and see just what your insurance covers in such a situation. In the process, your insurance broker will probably have some recommendations as to who might best be called.

Checking with the local builder’s association group and the Better Business Bureau is a good idea, as is contacting the local Chamber of Commerce, as most of the more prominent business people are a member there, and they can also give you referrals.

Go online and get a list of local foundation repair contractors, and give them all a phone call with the intention of asking a lot of questions, pertinent to the task that is at hand. Any good company should offer to come to your home and give you a free inspection along with a free quotation of what it will take to fix the problem.

Ask of they have an engineer, either on staff, or one with whom they work on a case by case basis. This will give much more knowledge to the job, and you will be ahead of the game. If they don’t have access to an engineer, move on.

Find out if the company is licensed, bonded and insured. Your criteria should also be sure that they are covered by worker’s compensation in the state in which the work is going to be done. You don’t want to be paying for a workers injuries, just because he is working on your property, and the company doesn’t carry the proper coverage.

Ask if there is a warranty, and find out how long it is good for. Many companies will offer a lifetime warranty. Also ask if the warranty is transferable, just in case you wish to move and you want the warranty to go with the house to the next owner.

The foundation repair contractor will excavate under the house, and shore it up with jacks, pillars, concrete slabs, and more supportive materials. Once that is properly completed, you will rest easier, especially if there is a warranty.

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