foundation repair houseIt may be a hassle to fix the foundation of a home, especially if it’s already being lived in. Repairs mean expenses, and homeowners would rather just live life as usual and use the money for other financial matters. What most people don’t realize, however, is that there’s a lot at stake when one puts off foundation repair. The consequences may be drastic and cost much more to deal with than the initial repairs themselves. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait another year to fix any foundation problems.

Plumbing problems

A vulnerable element in the home that’s affected most by the foundation is plumbing. Those with pier and beam houses should be concerned since pipes are often intertwined with the foundation, weaving into the house. Meanwhile, those with slab foundations may think nothing is wrong with the plumbing when everything is just unnoticeable under the slab. Foundation problems can cause pipes to break and cracked or burst plumbing leads to water damage. The symptoms of such issues can include mysteriously wet floors, where the water is coming from below. A high water bill despite no dripping faucets or the like is also a sign. These plumbing problems are notoriously expensive to fix.

Insect and rodent infestations

Depending on your senses of fear and disgust, this next part may be worse. A foundation in disrepair can invite insects and rodents to burrow into a home. Pier and beam foundations are especially vulnerable to this due to the crawl spaces wherein these creatures can squeeze. An infestation can be just as costly as fixing the plumbing, with extermination services charging more the worse it gets. Insects and rodents can multiply unpleasantly quickly, so the longer the problem remains undetected, the worse the damage and higher the expense. This is an even greater concern for those who live in wooded and rainy environments. Such conditions are the perfect breeding ground for vermin.

Wall and interior damage

It’s unnerving to notice gaps or cracks in the floor and walls. It gives an old, unpolished, damaged vibe that no homeowner wants. A shifting house is natural, though, in the case of moving ground or drastic weather. The biggest sign that foundation problems are to blame is when basement walls have horizontal cracks, which show the foundation’s perimeter undergoing much pressure. This could either be from water pressure or even the breakdown of materials from infestations. Uneven sinking and settling aren’t good either. One side of the house could sink lower than the other and disturb the interior layout of the home.

Increased repair cost

Imagine all of these issues occurring at once, just because you put off fixing the foundation for a year or two. It’s unbelievably costly. But even with the damage restricted to the foundation with none of the other factors at play, the expense can still be staggering. Think of it this way — it’s cheaper to fix the damage sustained from a year of disrepair than damage sustained from 5 years of disrepair.

That’s the best answer to the question “why do something later when you can do it now?”


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