Spring Foundation Repair Specialists

All homeowners know that sometimes are just going to be some unexpected expenses. That’s just part of owning your own house. However it’s also true that not all repairs are the same and when it comes to possible foundation issues, we understand why homeowners get so upset and worried. The foundation is the basis on which the entire house stands, and a serious foundation problem cannot be ignored.

foundation repair in spring

While it’s true you never want to have to deal with foundation repair, the good news for you is are specialists have nearly 30 years of experience tackling every type of foundation repair and basement waterproofing issue under the sun. If there’s an issue, we’ve seen it before and we have the experience to help fix it so you can feel secure in your own house. No one should ever have to worry about the stability of their own home.

First of all you need to know what to look for to catch the early signs of possible foundation issues. A major foundation problem is almost never going to appear just overnight. If you know what to look for there is a good chance that you can catch a small issue before becomes a house threatening problem.

One of the first signs to look for is if the basement floods when it never used to. This isn’t a guarantee of a foundation issue since it could be just particularly heavy rains or shifting soil, but new flooding could be an indication that just enough of the foundation is shifted that there are now some cracks or water can leak through. If this is the case you not only need to look after flood damage and waterproofing, but you want to make sure to fix the root of the problem.

Another common sign is cracked walls in the basement. This should especially hit you as a red flag if you have tall bushes or any trees outside relatively close to the house. Too often these get planted way too close to the house when their small, and as they continue to grow their root systems and up hitting the foundation of the house. The same is true if you’re finding doors suddenly won’t close or all the doorway seem just a little bit askew.

You always want to be wary of what crawlspaces, damp basements that never seem to dry out, or any signs of fractured brick. All of these are signs that you may have some foundation issues.

Finally, a sign that not nearly as many people know to look for is mildew and stains on the exterior walls of your basement. The reason for this is that this can indicate poor drainage around the home if this is true then after every storm there could be water sitting there just shifting the soil and shifting the foundation a little bit at a time.

These are just some of the signs to let you know that your Spring home may be facing some foundation issues. Don’t run from these! Call our professionals today and let’s restore your home to its former glory.

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