The Dangers Of Hiring The Wrong Foundation Repair Service In Dickinson, Texas

If you are a home owner in Dickinson there are concerns regarding your home’s foundation that you should be aware of. The land in this area has a lot of clay. Clay is more susceptible to movement because of weather related conditions than other types of soil.

When storms bring lots of water the clay will swell from the excess water. This can put pressure on your foundation and lead to damage. During dry periods the soil will shrink. This too can pull on the foundation in such a way it causes damage. Some measurements have shown as much as eight inches of movement in these kinds of conditions.

When the above conditions exist the pressure of it can collapse, crack or cause one side to be uplifted which leads to other damage to the home. The opposite end of Texas has different soil that is less susceptible, Dickinson being on the Eastern end has this issue more often.

There are some places that offer a watering system made just for foundations for use during dry seasons. Unfortunately these often lead to problems and are not recommended. Instead, if you have grass and shrubs in the soil near the foundation, simply using the watering system you would normally use and simply giving the soil enough water to keep the grass and shrubs in good shape is just right for the foundation as well. Over watering is not recommended.

Having the land properly graded to allow water runoff is also highly recommended. You should check drain pipes to make sure they are not clogged and in good working order. In some case where heavy rains and water accumulation is normal, you might also consider getting underground drains that can help move excess water from the ground.

If you find that you do have foundation damage and need repair services it is important that you take the time to find a reputable company. Texas state and the city of Dickinson do not have any licensing requirements for repair services. They also do not have any mandated laws that require services to carry workman’s compensation or liability insurance.

With no licensing requirements there are no set standards for services rendered. This means if you hire a company without checking their reputation, you have no real assurances of what type of work they do. Additionally, if they do not have workers insurance, then it is likely you will be held responsible if an accident occurs.

It might shock you to learn, but if the person or company you contracted has no liability insurance and something they do leads to more damage to your home, then you will be held liable for the damage and all cost of repairs.

For this reason it is imperative that you verify the insurance the company carries and that you are allowed to call on other customers that have used the company’s services. You might also check if they have any negative or positive reviews on the BBB or yelp, the online business directory.

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