If you should happen to notice cracks in your walls, doors that don’t shut completely, or windows that don’t close like they used to, you should probably call a competent foundation repair company here in Katy, Texas. Many times homes that are built in clay and sandy soils can shift as underground rivers, rainy seasons, and yes, even dry seasons cause the ground to move, thus creating problems for your foundations.

A good foundation service can evaluate your situation by coming to your home and giving you advice on how things can be repaired before they get worse.

There are some questions that you need to ask, however, before you sign a contract for work to be done. You should investigate a company’s past results with clients, because that is the only way to determine how their ability and expertise will work in your favor for your home or business.

You will need to know the following:

1. You should only hire a foundation repair company that is insured and bonded for foundation repair specifically. Ask to see proof of that.
2. You should only hire a foundation repair company that carries insurance for Texas workers compensation.
3. You should only hire a foundation repair company that offers a “Lifetime Transferable Warranty.”
4. Is there a definition in the “Lifetime Transferable Warranty” that clearly defines foundation “settlement?”

Ask for referrals from satisfied customers. You don’t really have to worry about a good, well established Texas foundation repair company who is good at what they do coming up with people who are happy with their work, as they will be all over the place. Wouldn’t you be ecstatic about the results if a company could keep your home from settling and falling apart? Of course you would, and you will find out very quickly what you are looking for.

If a company attempts to weasel out on giving you referrals, move on and find someone else. There are several reasons as to why foundations fail, and a company with experience will be able to help you deal with them all. The fact of settling ground of course, is one of the main reasons foundations fail, but plumbing leaks, lateral pressure from built up ground on basement walls and poor or inadequate drainage from external sources are also major issues.

If you suspect that you are having any of these types of problems, and you see evidence in the structure of your home or business that the structure is being compromised, then call a well known competent foundation repair company. They should be able to give you a free analysis along with a free estimate of the work that needs to be done.

In many cases, the work done here in Katy to correct the situation can be completed in a single day, which can be very helpful if any plants need to be removed in order to complete the job.

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