House Foundations In Texas City And Foundation Repairs

Texas City is one of the most prominent cities in the county of Galveston, Texas State. As such, it is also one of the most populous areas in the county, with 2010 census indicating a population of over 45,000 people. This is indicative of a lot of properties; both residential and commercial.

The economy of the city is supported by many industries, among them the shipping industries, petrochemical industries and the petroleum industry. A lot of properties are required in order to house these and many more economic activities in and around the city.

However, there are issues that properties in Texas City usually suffer from. Among them, are the unwanted foundation issues. These issues are quite predominant in many cases feature two types of problems; sunken foundations and wall shifting as a result of lateral pressure from soils that are expanding.

Causes Of These Foundation Damages

Damages to the foundation of the house can be attributed to several causatives, among them being the geological make of Texas City. Just like the wider Texas State, Texas City is made of some very unstable soils that make the construction of foundations a difficult task. Its location near the Gulf coast means the predominant soil composition is loose sandy soil, and unconsolidated clay soils. These two soils offer very little stability for the construction of the foundation. As a result, some of the foundations constructed are quite susceptible to damage caused by soil sinking and rising and the expansion and sinking of soil, particularly clay soils.

The other major cause of foundation damage is inadequate compaction during the construction of the foundation. This causes susceptibility of the foundation to sinking, as the weight of the house eventually forces the soil to compact.

Resulting Damages

The resulting damages of the foundation affect the entire house. When there is a drop in the steadiness of the foundation, the effects are passed on to other crucial parts of the house such as the walls, the floor, the door and the windows. The doors and windows usually become misaligned while the floor and the floors and the ceiling may result some cracks. Additionally, the walls usually develop cracks that are more than 1/8 of an inch thick all over. These are the signs that there is a huge problem with the foundation of your house.

Repairing The Two Types Of Foundation Damage

In the case of shifting walls due to pressure from swollen soils, stabilization of the walls is usually the best cause of action. However, this is only possible when the repair works are done early enough. If the repair work takes long before being implemented, tearing of the walls may be necessitated, which in turn is very costly. Aligning of windows and doors upstairs is also required.

In the case of sunken foundation, some major repair works are called for. Sinking foundations are characterized by dropped basement floors and a lot of cracks in majority of the floors and walls. Repairing sinking foundation is done by underpinning, where the foundation is raised while keeping the floor level.

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