If you are a resident and home owner in Santa Fe then you need to learn about foundation problems that are common to the area. This area gets much less rain fall then in most other cities across the nation. This is combined with the fact that the common soil is made up of mostly clay. Clay shrinks if it gets too dry. This shrinkage repositions where the ground is that supports the foundation. As this happens the foundation can in some cases collapse, or crack or in some occurrences, be uplifted.

The dry weather combined with temperatures that often exceed 100 degrees create excellent conditions for foundation damage. It might shock you to learn that foundation damage is more common in this area than any other city in the entire U.S.A. When significant damage occurs you could begin to see cracks in the walls, find windows that no longer operate well and other problems that can arise if the foundation and the cause of its damage is not repaired.

In some cases as the clay soil gets dryer and dryer you can begin to see the land begin to move away from the foundation. Measurements have shown that in these conditions as much as 8 inches of movement has occurred.

The best deterrent for home owners in Santa Fe is awareness of the fact that conditions in the area exist that make foundations at particular risk. Watching for cracks in the foundation, doors that become difficult to open and close and windows that start to be too tight or too loose are all signs that you need to have your foundation checked.

What Are My Cost Likely To Be?
The cost of foundation repairs in the area can of course vary widely because it depends on the level of damage and the work needed to repair it. On the low end it is not at all unusual for the cost to be a $1000 or less. On the far extreme and in a worst case scenario you could be looking at well over $10,000. That is the extreme case. The average medium cost of repair is in the $3000 to $4000 range.

If you suspect you have a problem, you are not doing yourself any favors by delaying. If you are worried about cost it is understandable, but delays will almost always end of costing your more money. Because this is a needed home repair, many well established services have payment options to assist home owners to get the repairs they need.

Very often you can get a free estimate. In some cases you could find that your problem is very minor and could be fixed with some simple epoxy. If however you find that repairs are needed, it will save you money and complications by arranging to have the necessary repairs done.

If your foundation has not yet developed any damage, then take preventative measures. Make sure the ground is never too wet or too dry. If need be, water the land around your foundation. Have drains working and unclogged. If you are buying a home, have the foundation inspected and if the previous home owner had worked done that has a warranty, have it transferred to your name.

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